Reverse Hair Washing

Reverse Hair washing ??? Why, what and how?And does it work?


We have been hearing a lot about reverse hair washing over the last year .Raven answer a couple  of questions whether we have been washing our hair all wrong all this time?



Reverse hair washing has actually been around for a while,and basically means reversing the order that you use shampoo and conditioner. The idea is that we can coat dry hair from root to tip in thirst quenching moisture first then cleanse afterwards .



Philip Kingsley the king of hair trichology has always used this process for extremely damaged hair. With his product Elasticizer ranking the top of most beauty essential lists .

When we use conditioner first we can leave product on longer ,use on  dry hair for better results without diluting the effectiveness of the product.Afterwards we are not left with conditioner residue, meaning we are not compromising on volume.



Our tip is before bed work hydrating conditioner into dry hair and comb through from root to tip and tie in a loose top knot.Raven love Philip Kingsley Elasticizer .Rinse hair fully and cleanse as normal we love Philip Kingsley Body And Shine afterwards to give us the double purpose of volume and hydration .

Raven are loving trying this out .......It might be a new routine in our lives.ENJOY