4 Tips To Looking Good For After Work Parties On The Go

Everyone loves the festive time of year.Full of joy,celebrations,parties and afterwork drinks.The question is how can we do a hard days work and still look fresh later on leaving the office.Here are some tips.

1) Cleansing Wipes

These are excellent for a mutipurpose use .Raven loves Baby Water Wipes as they are 90%water and the rest lemon juice so totally natural.Use them to freshen up when you dont have time to go home for a shower or use to pat your skin where makeup had built up over the day,or simply use for emergencies when we have had a spillage/coffee accident on our skirts .....arrrgggg

2)Dry Shampoo

What did we do before dry shampoo came into our lives??? Who cares its here to stay.Raven loves Kerastase Powder Bluff as it doesnt build up on the hair folicilles.Turn your head upside down and spray into the root and shake your hair viguriously with your finger tips.Let dry with your head still in that position for 20 seconds ,then flip over and use a boars bristle brush to pull into place.Ta Da!!!!


 Lipstick immediately give you the zap of colour you need to get you from a day time to a night time look. Its the season after all so go for some berry reds or a soft rose .We love Chanel Arthur. Give the lips a little moisture for five minutes before applying,being in a central heated office all day will have them dried out.Cracked lips and lipstick are not friends.


So its come to the end of the day ,our makeup and either dried up on us or has slide off our faces.We have all beeen there as we try before after work drinks or the xmas party to reapply new mascara on top of old mascara, only to end up with our lashes looking stumpier than before we started. What to do?Use a 2 cotton pads dipped in hot water folded in half and hold over top and bottom lashes for a couple of seconds.Dont rub or try and remove your old mascara.This will simply loosen and any old congealed mascara and disove dried clumps making reapplying much more fluid and darker as your base will be still there.

*** If all else fails RavenApp can save the day in more ways than one !!!!!