The Future Of Hair Styling For Busy Women

Raven are all about keeping up with the latest,easiest and the most savvy way to keep our hair looking slick and in tip top shape.The lowdown on whats new and whats best.

CHI Touch Screan Hair Dryer

This state of the art hairdryer gives the hair a bespoke blowout. With its tailored setting screen you can control speed and heat .It is super quiet so can be used when the baby is in bed or in the morning so you won't wake anyone.Its ION technology eliminates frizz and static for women that suffer from that in the Winter months (so annoying) it also has a rubber non slip cover for more control.


Sultra Bombshell Reverse Cone.

The latest in cutting edge waves and curls.Turning technique on its head and going from tight to loose waves meaning more volume at the root.The Cone has a non slip barrel giving more control and meaning less fiddling around.It protects hair for the heat working from the inside.The Cone also comes with Universal voltage…great for travelling business women .

Cloud Nine O Rollers 

Following the on demand trend of the future THE O is a quick and easy way to get volume and curl when and where you need it.It comes in a little pod that heats up in seconds.When you are ready to go with a section of hair in your hand you can pop the rollers inside the pod and within seconds the light will tell you its ready.A great feature is that roller heats on the inside and works outwards meaning no burnt fingers and kinder to your locks. The rollers come in all different sizes so you can taylor to your length and style and the nifty packaging means they are easy to pop in your bag for after work styling or touch ups.


Con Air Pro Air Styler Curler

 This little beauty looks a little odd and takes a little time to master but once you have you will never go back to a curling tongs.Allowing for a much gentler curl and not as damaging for your hair.Con Air Pro Airstyler sucks the hair up much like a vacuum and releases it to the most beautiful wave.Minimum effort required.


Babyliss Pro Hot Brush

I think I should have shares in the Hot Brush I have recommended it so many times.This beauty is bascially a hairbrush and a hairdryer in one.Freeing up your other hand to take sections of hair and manouver easily. Great for a brush up the day after a professional blowdry to give you the extra milage or to get you out of a pickle when your hair decides to do a" Monica".Its always best to go from hair thats 70% dry already.It takes a little practice but trust us these hot brushes will be your new best friend.

We are loving trying out all our new gadgets.The future looks bright for our hair......Now for the products.