What is it about long lashes that we covet so much?I have been known to be jealous of new borns ……especially boys with long lashes they don’t even need them!!!! We have been lusting after long lashes since the dawn of time simply because they are a symbol of femininity and the universal sign of beauty.Even a slick coat of mascara can change the way you feel,lifting and darkening your lash and opening up your eye.

Men are subconsciously drawn to women with longer lashes as they see it as a sign youth and vitality.They widen the eyes which is very alluring to the opposite sex.Alas some of us (me included) got the short end of the lash stick and were born with short,stumpy lashes.On top of this my lashes are also blonde.I once went to work straight from the gym and was asked when I got there if I was sick!!! ARRRGGG noo I just have no mascara on.So What can us stumpy lash people do.

Over the last 10 year beauty products have evolved in the direction of lengthening lashes and making them thicker.There is everything from Lash Oil,lengthening technology mascara and fake lashes of all descriptions.What to use? What to do?



 Raven loves Revitalash Eyelash Enhancer this oil can be applied at night before bed sans makeup.Apply to the lash line.It takes a couple of weeks to work and is completely safe.Doctors discovered  that after laser surgery and applying the serum to the eye the patient where coming back with longer lashes.This primer is full of peptides and age defying anti oxidants .You will have long lashes in weeks.



 Every girl has these bad boys in her bag.They are easy to apply on a night out and take off when going to bed.An easy way to apply is to size the lash up to your eye and cut to fit your eye shape, pop a small blob of glue on the back of your hand,and roll the lash along the glue holding the lash with a tweezers.Place along lash line working from centre out and lightly pressing down to keep in place and remove trapped air.




Is a mascara that nourishes your lashes at the same time as giving them length and tone.This mascara is also great for lashes that have been slightly abused maybe by the party season when we go to bed without taking our makeup off.Or when we pick of lashes with old mascara on them….You know its true.It has the same antioxidants as the oil but with added vitamin E.




Who would have thought 10  years ago lash extensions would have been a thing.At that who would have though lashes would be a permanent appointment in our beauty books?Mink lash extensions are individual natural hair lashes that are applied lash by lash with glue to the lash line to compliment your eye shape.Some women love to have a bit of lengthening at the corner of the eyes ,some like  fan effect with widening towards the centre. Either way these bad boys last up to six weeks.Meaning you can save time on mascara in the morning and you don’t look scary at the gym anymore.Semi permanant lashes are €100-120 and refills are between €45-50