The Rise Of Grown Up Slumber Parties

There used to be nothing better than a night out/in with friends.Uncesored gossip a couple of glasses of wine and belly laughs all make for a good night. Fast forward a few years and with long hours at work,high rents/morgage and kids in the mix sometimes a night out is off the cards. Grown up slumber parties have made a come back.With the rise of rents and the search for a place sometimes meaning our friends have moved further away the only way forward is to gather up the troops and take turns hosting a fun night in.Potluck,Pamper sessions or just wine and Netflicks can all make for great catch up sessions without the hassle taxis and expensive dinners.We are still loving a night in with our pals.


An easy and inexpensive way to host a night in.Everyone makes a dish and brings it along so the burden is not solely on the host.That way everyone also has something they fancy to eat and after all variety is the spice of life.Nothing like a big Pot of Thai Curry to warm the cockles ...easy to make and share.


This is great fun activity for a brunch of women.Have a laugh while learning the art of cocktail making. Get a professional to your home,cost spread amongst the ladies makes it doable and you can enjoy different tipples along the way or just master making your favourite.Sex on the beach anyone???



Have a beauty or hair professional come to the home to do hair or nails while everyone sips wine, relaxs and gets pampered.Group prices are usually lower the more people there are and its a great way to not feel under pressure like a usual salon appointment.Great catch up and go home feeling refreshed at the same time.Bonus night!!!



This is one of my new favourite nights/days in with my pals.Have high tea,delicious cakes procecco or just a perfect cuppa for your pals that don’t drink all being served, made and brought to you by a professional host.It all comes so beautifully played out you almost don’t want to eat it.We are sold! Scones anyone???

Ladies Night anyone……...