5 Must Have Nails 2016

I always knew how amazing having beautiful nails can make you feel.It can change the way you feel about yourself in as little as an hour.A simple manicure can make your hands look younger and polished.A step further into the now mainstream 3 weeks polishes or gels can make your hands a fashion feature all on their own.

Don’t tell me you haven’t judged someone on their bitten nails or their cracked chipped polish….We all have.In our heads we are thinking it looks cheap and nasty in all the wrong ways,and dirty or bitten nails are just unforgivable!!!

Nails can smarten up an outfit,match your shoes and bags,jazz up a LBD or simply shine in the limelight all on their own.

Now with different shapes and shades….styles and art.Tell us whats your poison???



The modern manicure has changed over the last few years.Gone is the old French polish and tips and along comes a modern take on the beautiful classic beige that looks feirce for the working woman.Allowing your nails to look polished,modern and groomed all at the same time.We are loving Essie Ballerina Slippers


The fashion girl changes her nails like the weather and uses her nails as a statement piece.She is up to the minute on runway looks and follows whats new weather its a new shape, lenght or colour.We are loving OPI This Silver's Mine



Oh I love a good rebel in my life always fun always ready for an adventure and dosent always follow the crowd,yet always stands out.We are loving a metallic nail right now.Metallic shades have graced the catwalks with our eyeshadows and nails flashing a little rebel heart.We are loving Shellac CND silver chrome




Who doesnt love a classic red? Style never goes out of fashion.A glossy red can make any outfit look opulant.Personally I love reds with a blue undertone as I find it counterbalances my pink Irish skin.Red nails must be kept in tip top shape in order for them to look as classiclly beautiful as they should.We love Chanel Rouge



Matte gunmetal grey,blue grey,deep gothic grey and all thats inbetween.Take it from us...key words for this year will be GREY and Matte.This look can look muted with a suit or dark and moody with a leather jacket but either way you will be wearing it.We love Gelish Grey Gunmetal