Top 5 Tans On The Market

The days are getting longer and brighter.Dresses are getting higher and we are finally stripping back the layers.Unfortunetly most of us will be pasty and grey underneath. Luckily there are many options on the market ......maybe too many? The paradox of choice is the ultimate problem of the times we live in.Raven have narrowed your tanning choices down to five of the best tried and tested.



Banish pasty skin with this beautiful glow.It is the worlds first odourless tan (yay) because nobody wants to smell like curry on a night out....or ever.It is also the first non toxic brand coming paraban,perfume and alcohol free.On top of that it has a natural glow and locks in moisture for 72 hours.We are in love.

<a>vita liberata tan</a>


This is one of the trendiest tanning lotions of the moment with all the celebrities snapping it up including Kylie Jenner.It is also by far the most affordable brands on the self .This brand comes in many different lotions and potions from gel to spray on glow. It is quick and easy to apply developing within an hour.Excellent for ladies with busy lifestyles.



This is a gradual build up tan for those of us that dont like an obvious change straight away.Skin needs to be prepped and protected before you start.Exfoliating and moisturising until skin is smooth for a perfect base.Build up to your perfect colour before holidays or over a few days before a night out. St Topez is a deep tan that lasts the pace.



Fake bake has a shade to suit every skin type,so whether you are ivory or brown skinned it has a colour choice for you.It also comes with built in anti cellulite and anti ageing ingredients.Eh yes please!!This is perfect for summer skin.Fake Bake also comes in an aerosol range for quick application.



Have summer skin all year round with this bronzed gel. It leaves the skin with a golden hue and because of the gel formula you can see exactly where you have put it so no streaky mistakes or patchy bits and is completely non greasy.It starts to develop within an hour continuing to develop over night. Wash any residue off the following day and feel soft golden and supple for a couple of days after.