There is never a day that goes by in the last ten years that I haven’t been asked about hair loss in some shape or form.Weather it be men with pattern baldness, women after pregnancy or alopecia. The question is are we losing more hair these days or are we just more comfortable asking about it.

Recent studies have shown an increase in appointments to hair loss clinics and retail companies say that hair loss treatments are up by 60%.

Are we losing our hair???

Hair has a life cycle that is divided into three phases

Anagon : 2-6 weeks Active hair growth

Catagen : 2-3 weeks this is transitional hair growth

Telogen : 2-3 months this is the hairs resting phase.Once this ends the hair sheds and the cycle starts again.*as we asge this cycle slows.




We are all influenced by our genes.Some more than others.Never the less some hair loss is inherited.Look to your family to see a pattern.


Too many male hormones such as androgens can result as baldness and hair thinning.Menopause also slows down the hair growth and causes thinness due to hormones .Go to your doctor to ask for advice there are plenty of options on the market.


There are a couple of conditions that are known to cause hair loss and thinning such as Thyroid,Lupus,Diabetes,Iron deficiency and of course eating disorders. A simple blood test can detect any of these conditions quickly and easily and usually once the condition is being treated the hair improves. Please let your doctor know of any of your concerns


We are all on some form of medication these days and everything has its side effects.Some drugs affect our skin and hair.Chemo,blood thinners,blood pressure medication and some birth control pills make our hair feel thin and fragile.Ask your doctor can he recommend something.


This is the most easily managed cause.Eating a diet that is severely calorie restricted and low in protein and over exercising sends the body into fight or flight mode.The hair and skin will be the last to get any nourishment as the body gives and essential vitamins and minerals elsewhere.Have a balanced diet and exercise regime.If you find your hair thinning or coming out more than you think is normal.Keep a food and exercise diary and go see your GP for advice.


Alopecia areata can happen suddenly with the hair coming out in patches and may even lead to baldness. Although almost 90% of the hair returns in a couple of years,knowing this doesnt make this condition any easier.Book an appointment with a trichologist (hair doctor) There are some amazing wigs and hair pieces that can make waiting a little easier.Roches in Kimmage are masters at this and Hairspray on Exchequor Street have some cool styles and colours.Alternatively look to Trevor Sorbie online for a wider selection.





An amazing product and an everyday anti hair loss treatment.It supports the absorbsion of nutrients and stimulates the hair growth.Use on scalp every day to keep your scalp healthy and for visable results.


This product is packed full of protein ( what our hair is made of) and amino acids and vitamins.It adds density and volume to thinning locks and stimulates the hair follicles  as they are growing.


From the man himself specialising in scalp health. This beautiful volumising spray can be used daily to help reduce falling and breaking.It contains Organic Quinoa Protein and high levels of antioxidants which improves the quality and overall thinness of hair.Helping the hair feel full and shiny again.