5 Benefits Of Regular Massage

The days of massage being  associated only with the very privileged are over.Women are embracing the benefits of regular massage and the positive effects it has on the body.

Raven covers the 5 most important benefits for your benefit.




In a world where we are running from one meeting to the next,picking up kids from creche,stuck in traffic,making dinner,doing laundry,deadlines and crouched over at a desk all day.Stress can quickly became the only emotion you feel from Monday to Friday.A 60 minute massage can reduce cortisol(the stress hormone) levels in the body and ease anxiety.Leaving you ready for the week ahead.




We can’t talk about massage without talking about Raven’s whole ethos of SKIN GLOW.Regular massage increase blood flow,pushes toxins out and encourages lymphatic drainage.Our skin will glow after a good massage and should feel plumped up and fresh.Try leaving the oil on the skin as long as you can after a massage and resist the urge to shower for at least an hour leaving time for the oil to do its job.



We have all been there the clock says 4.30am and we are still tossing and turning.The days events are still fresh in our mind.Indroducing massage into your regular routine can help you to slip into a deeper sleep at night.It helps the body relax and wind down.Sending out a whole host of released chemicals from the brain aiding REM sleep.



People that recieve regualr massage have increased lymphocytes which are white blood cells.These play a huge part in protecting the body from disease.It also reduces imflammation in the body and has mental benifits too connecting mind and body.



Crouching over your desk,lugging that overstuffed bag or just simply carring the kids.Posture has a big impact of neck strain resulting in the body overcompensating with tight muscles around the shoulders and neck,which all leads back to headaches. A great therapist can knead out the tension and knots in the upper back and neck muscles leaving you comletely headache free and helping with your posture to boot.


Well if that doesnt send us all running for the nearest massage therapist ,we dont know what will.If time is your issue please remember that Team Raven are experts in this field and will come to you wherever you are when you need it.